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The benefits of hiring an interior designer

  • Who is an Interior designer?
  • The main steps of interior design development:
  • The benefits of hiring an interior designer


Who is an Interior designer


An interior designer is a specialist who develops design projects for apartments, country houses, non-residential premises (offices, restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, studios) and other commercial interiors.

The profession combines several areas: designer, architect, decorator, and project manager. But the main task is to make a beautiful, comfortable, functional and ergonomic space which technically complies with the standards of the European Union.


The main steps of interior design development:


1. Discussion of details - the designer learns the client's preferences for layout, style, and color scheme at the first meeting.

2. Site inspection (apartment, house, office), space assessment, measurements, and study of the scheme of engineering networks.

3. Development of the concept and preparation of sketches.

4. Calculation the total budget, materials, price and timing estimates.

5. Working out the design project - at this stage, drawings are created with the location of heating systems, water supply, electrical wiring, outlets and other communications, furniture or kitchen equipment layout plan.

6. 3D visualization of the interior - the designer designs a model of the future premises in a particular program.

7. Presentation of the project to the client, then, if necessary, corrections and approval of the final version.

8. Purchase of building materials, ordering furniture, appliances and accessories.

9. Supervision the construction works with the site visit.

10. Handing the ready premises to the client, and signing the documents.



The benefits of hiring an interior designer


Design project and 3D visualization of the future interior

The undoubted advantage of cooperation with a professional designer is the possibility of seeing the future interior before the main work begins. Thanks to the 3D model created by the designer, the customer can assess the overall picture in advance, make adjustments, choose furniture, etc. This option is insurance against unpleasant surprises and additionaal costs associated with alterations.

The availability of a detailed project is also an indisputable advantage of cooperation with specialists. Drawings and diagrams with precise calculations significantly reduce the time frame for home improvement and minimize the likelihood of any errors and, consequently, alterations.


Saving time and money

The help of a professional designer is a complex of services, which includes selecting and purchasing necessary materials and constant monitoring of the repair work. An experienced specialist, guided by the wishes and financial capabilities of the customer, determines the best options at the best price. This nuance allows you to stay within the budget and saves the client's time.



Practical aspects

The design project includes the forms, color combinations, location of interior elements, and essential engineering solutions, such as plumbing and electrical equipment placement points, outlets, switches, air conditioners, etc.

That is the services of a professional guarantee excellent aesthetic characteristics of housing and quality finishing work, as well as ensure the comfort of living in the apartment.


Accelerates the implementation of the project

The designer is interested in having the project completed as quickly as possible. With his involvement, there will never be a situation where the construction team is slowing down - he simply will not allow it.

When there is a project, all approvals are reduced to a minimum; you just need to follow the approved plan. Stages of work and deadlines are spelt out in the contract - everything is clear and transparent.

Interior renovation can take an infinite amount of time without a project, and no one guarantees the perfect result.

If you value your time and nerves - do a project, so you have in your hands a document that can be used in work.



Saves your nerves

Dealing with performers in repairing a house or apartment is a challenging experience you must go through.

Interior design is always about finding common ground with all the builders and finishers – thanks to this, the work is done in the agreed amount of time, without excuses.

One of the interior designer benefits is that the client is that you do not have to deal with anyone clarifying the working points - all these designers take care of it. You will only have to accept the stages of work under the contract - and you will see the result and get a complete description of the work performed.

Public date: March 20, 2023