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chalet veysonnaz
YEAR: 2023
AREA: 405 M2

The project site is located in the small Swiss village, Veysonnaz, on the right side of the Rhone River, offering breathtaking views of the river valley and the Bernese Alps. The main disadvantage of this site is its location on a slope that is completely oriented to the west. This posed a challenge for us, as we had to find a solution that simultaneously combines the visual opening of the buildings to the landscape and their protection from the sun in the afternoon.

The architecture of the buildings consists of two parts:
The stone ground floor is a continuation of the landscape and forms terraces on a steep slope. The bedrooms are located on the ground floor.
The common space for the residents, namely the living room and kitchen-dining room, is covered with a wooden structure.
These solutions make the scale of the three-level houses seem smaller.

The lattice wooden facade structure has several functions at once:
It is load-bearing;
It provides the necessary sun protection and, importantly, does not block the panorama of the valley and mountains;
At the same time, due to its elegance, it does not require additional facade decoration.