by Grafprom

International Triennial “The 4th Block” is a unique designer’s exhibition, held every three years in Kharkov – a second largest city in Ukraine. Its aim is to bring together the latest trends and innovations in international poster design, displaying in each new exposition the most recent poster art from all over the globe, which has ecological objective or connotation. The name “The 4th Block” comes from the reactor number 4, which was destroyed in the explosion in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Dante’s words “…to rebehold the stars”, which could be found in the very end of his “Hell”, became a statement of the festival.
XI Triennial was held in Kharkiv in 2015 despite crisis and war in Ukraine. The barbed circumstances inspired us on idea of the festival’s identity. Type projections on black stars became a key visual element, which connected all the materials in a whole system.

exhibition attributes

beautifully designed exhibition attributes

International Design Exhibition

booklet with the work of designers

cookies with logo

cookies with chocolate logo

modern ecological poster

design of the book