by Drozdov&Partners

location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
function:  family house
size: 130 m2
status: built (2004)
authors: Oleg Drozdov
photo: Andrey Avdeenko

metal facade wall panels

The terraced plot is located on the eastern slope of the hill, with a 10-15 km panoramic view characteristic of a penthouse. The layout of the house enables its 180-degree exposure to the surrounding space. Total glazing of daytime zones enhance this visual experience.

panoramic windows

panoramic windows and their designer lighting

designer desk made of wood on the veranda

a designer desk made of wood on a veranda with glass walls

The ensemble of three “containers” (60 m2 each) is sited on two natural terraces, the “Guest Container” occupying the lower one. The “Bedroom Container” leans on the slope and the “Common Area Container”, which rests on the upper terrace.

glass walls of the facade of the house

glass walls and house partitions

interior inside a house on a mountainside

creative interior inside the house on the mountainside

Though the house has two floors, it actually consists of one single room. Maximum openness of indoor premises enables natural cross-ventilation. Besides, it is very convenient in case of having a lot of guest around at a time, and is especially welcome in hot summer.

Design lighting at home on a mountainside

Creative home lighting on a mountainside

Interestingly, though the house was designed with strong pragmatic considerations in mind, practice showed that this small plot has a lot of romantic features.